Saturday, September 11, 2010

For the Love of Paint

Last weekend Nick and I took a trip to Columbus to catch up on some much needed R&R. Upon arrival we sat outside at Brio and ate a delicious lunch, got set up at our hotel, and headed over to Easton to do some shopping. We thought we would begin with home stores. We walked through Pottery Barn admiring their clever displays, sitting on all of their couches, and getting ideas on colors palettes. I have to interject my story here, with telling you that along with our kitchen re-do I have been longing for a new couch and perhaps a paint job somewhere in the house, just to mix things up a bit. Back to the story, although I enjoyed the trip to Pottery Barn, I really wasn't blown away by anything. We decided to head to Crate and Barrel next. In between the two stores sits Restoration Hardware. Nick suggested we glance in there for a moment. Little did I know... I would soon be falling madly in love. Have you been to Restoration Hardware lately? Oh my! They have completely remodeled and rebranded their store. It was the most beautiful store I had ever been in. The entire store is painted this marvelous slate grey. Keep in mind I have been pouring over paint colors for weeks and this was by far the most lovely color out there. Their new furniture was oversized, plush, and glamorous. Every single room and display felt like the most original set up you had ever seen (it made Pottery Barn feels so generic). The rest of the afternoon, all I could think about was this amazing store. After hours, we just stood in front of the closed store and peered into it's windows. I even woke up the next morning with great anticipation of the store opening. We made it back there after lunch and we ordered a sofa. The sofa we have is from Ikea, and there isn't anything really wrong with it, but it's small and I have never loved it. The sofa we bought from Restoration is 8 feet long and 47 inches indulgent! We also bought two gallons of the beautiful Slate paint and a gallon of a light creamy color called Ash that we will be painting the kitchen. I feel like my house is in such a transition right now. It's almost hard to know where to start. Today, after Nick finishes writing his sermon, we are going to head to Lowe's and pick up some painting supplies. We are hoping to get a little painting finished this afternoon. I will update you with kitchen pictures soon my friends! Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. You just like that color because it's the same one I used in my office.

    - your brother