Monday, August 30, 2010

Life Without...

This blog has been silent for almost a month...oh my! Where to begin? Well, after a six hour trip to the ER and the worst pain I have ever felt in my life, I found out I have kidney stones (what fun). I was off work for two weeks and literally spent that time pleading with God to take away such horrific pain. I passed one stone (hooray) and now am trying to get caught up with life. When you are sick, the world as you know it takes a time out. It is only when you recover that you realize the world wasn't waiting on you and that it kept on going in your absence.

I went back to the doctor last Friday and they put me on a low oxalate diet. Now, just to be clear, the word "diet" isn't something I am used to. Now my life is without; coffee, chocolate, spinach, peppers, carrots, nuts, tea, and a million things in between. And everything I am reading about this diet contradicts something else I have read. So, I am hungry, very very hungry! But, I would give up eating altogether if it meant no more kidney stones.

Needless to say during all of this, my creative processes have been lacking! But things are slowly progressing. My amazing friend Carrie just purchased one of our bags on Etsy. Her girlfriend saw it and now we are making one for her too. A painting of mine was featured in a "treasury" on Etsy today. And we just completed another bag for my dear friend Alli (hopefully pictures will be coming soon).

The kitchen remodel is on hold. My step dad completed the pantry and it's in place. We have removed the cupboard doors to see if we can live with that concept (we are realizing how much work would be involved if we removed the cupboards entirely). We have narrowed down paint colors and now just need to get an estimate on flooring and countertops. There is progress, slow but steady progress. I will keep you posted! And no worries, not another month will go by in silence....


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