Monday, July 26, 2010

Toby Mac Saved Me $6,000.

So, how about that for an odd title for a blog post? It all started with a trip to Lowe's for paint chips. We had decided to repaint the kitchen and I needed to find the color I was seeing in my head. All was well, I found a lovely eggplant purple that was going to turn my very country kitchen into something a little edgier. We should have just gotten the paint chips and left, but we wandered around a bit...and then it happened... we came across a gorgeous refrigerator, a floor model, for half the original price. We thought it was a great deal and we purchased it, thinking it was going to be a simple little upgrade.

So Saturday they delivered it. It fit just perfect and it was even lovelier than I hoped...but it made me hate the rest of my kitchen. Oh my. After a great deal of contemplation, we reluctantly drove back to Lowe's the next day, and had our custom kitchen drawn out. Everything was perfect, gorgeous graphite cabinets with a pewter glaze. Great new appliances, counter tops, and flooring. We totaled everything up and it rang in at $6,000. I know this is very low as far as kitchen remodels go, but for me, I felt real uncomfortable with that price.

The next morning we were driving to church and we were listening to Toby Mac. These lyrics came on..."Everything that I see draws me, though it's only in you that I can truly see, that it's a feast for the eyes, and a low blow to purpose, and I'm a little kid at a three ring circus." And it hit me...this was such a temptation to get off track. With my new job and Nick's new pastoral job, we had promised each other to be smart with our money, to pay down student loans, so we can eventually start a family.... and we were so close to letting it slip away, all for a fancy kitchen.

So, we have decided to do a kitchen remodel ourselves, on a very tiny budget. We have all ready ripped out two cabinets, and this weekend all the top cabinets are coming out (I have a secret aversion to upper cabinets). The creative juices are starting to flow and I plan on posting pictures as we go. I am very excited but a little nervous!

The plan is to paint the lower cabinets to mimic the fancy glaze from Lowe's. As I said the upper cabinets are coming down and open shelving is going up. We are having a custom pantry built by my very talented Step Dad. There is lots to do....I will keep you posted


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