Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Loss of a Friend

My friend passed away this morning and I can not even begin to tell you how heavy my heart feels. My "day job" is working with developmentally disabled adults at a workshop. Each client becomes a dear friend and bonds form that make them feel like family. These people have taught me so much and they inspire me daily.

This particular client was amazing. I have so many fond memories of him. He would put up his pointer fingers on either side of his head and chase you around the room like he was a bull. He would walk his fingers across your shoulder and say "spider" just to try to spook you. My favorite thing about him was the way he would give you a hug. These weren't little wimpy hugs, these hugs were the kind that begged you to never let go (as seen in picture with my manager, Teri, at a field trip last summer). Oh and his was infectious. He was ornery, funny, and full of love. He was a wonderful man.

He became sick two weeks ago, we all waited, prayed, and hoped for the best....then just like that....he is gone. Gone from this earth physically, but forever in our hearts and memories.

The last memory I will share with you is of a time we took a group of clients to P. Graham Dunn Gallery (a Christian mega-store). We went on a tour of the factory and then through the gift shop. At the very end one of the workers from P. Graham handed each client a little round wooden disk with a scripture verse on it. When my client got his, he put it in his mouth, thinking it was a cookie! I grabbed it from him and I put it in my pocket, figuring it was better that he wasn't tempted to nibble on it again. I put the disk on my dresser and didn't think much of it until this afternoon. Once I heard of his passing I went over to read the disk, and the engraving read 1 Thes. 5:18, which states, "Give Thanks in all Circumstances." So, thats what I am going to do, I am going to give thanks to God for letting me be a small part of this persons life. I am going to thank God for each moment I got to share with this man, the nature walks down to the lake, the silly moments being chased around the workshop, and the Easter egg hunt we did just before he became ill. My heart may feel sad, but I know God is good, and I know my precious client is home.


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  1. Dearest Anna,
    I'm sorry for you loss of a friend, but I am amazed at your ability to give thanks even in such circumstances. You are an wonderful woman and every one of the individuals you work with is blessed to have you in their lives.