Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What is "Navarre Charm" anyways?

Hello again my friends. Today I should give you a proper introduction, on who we are and what we do....

I have always been a creative minded person. Even as a child I would get ahold of magazines and rip out every beautiful imagine I saw and create large collages all over my room. I simply could not have enough bulletin boards to hold all those images! I learned my "style" from my amazing mother (my creative partner and best friend). My mom always had a way of making the house (or any object or event for that matter) look uniquely gorgeous, on a budget. We did not have expensive furniture, fancy antiques, interior designers or color consultations. My mother just knew how to decorate, on a dime, but still manage to create a space that was truly outstanding.

My mother and I have been tinkering around with different little crafty projects for years. We have different areas of expertise. I love to paint, collage, make cards, and tend to focus on home decor. My mother can sew anything...even though with her humble attitude she will act like she just isn't sure about something...then it will come out perfect. She also has a real gift for creating distressed pieces or repurposing items in a whole new way. And the woman is such a visionary!

So, I woke up on New Year's Day, 2010, and felt like I had been playing it safe for too long. I called my mother and we had a long chat and a good cry. I felt like I had been talking about all these things I wanted to do, but just was too afraid to act upon them. And it finally hit me...why not? Why not share my passions and my little bits of creativity with others? Why not start a blog? Why not finally start an etsy page? Why not take a leap of faith? Why not plan to have a little home decor sale at my house in the spring? Why not, why not, why not?

"The Navarre Charm Company" floated into my mind one morning. I moved to Navarre in June 2008. It is an adorable, lovely, quaint little town. There are so many things I just love about this town...especially all the charm and inspiration it holds. Many of the homes have true personality, people sit on their front porches all summer long, and the pace of life just seems right here.

So, mom and I are going to do our best to share our little creative world with others, and not be afraid. I have been painting, planning, and gathering inspiration (see above photo, found here). Mom has started gathering supplies and working on samples....which I just can't wait to share with you!


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